Engine design

We have 40 years of competition engine design & development experience at the highest level.

We completed our first engine design in 1985, a V8 2.65 litre turbo for use in the US CART series and the first Engine Developments designed Formula 1 engine followed in 1988. Subsequently we have designed and manufactured many competitive engines for use in F1, Indycar and LeMans. We have a reputation for producing innovative & powerful engines, whilst supplying a cost effective service.

All design work is done in house, ensuring confidentiality of data, using the latest Solidworks software. We perform stress analysis on critical components using the Cosmos package within Solidworks. Edgecam 3d Cad/Cam is used for generating the NC programs for manufacture.

We are able to design complete engines but are equally happy designing individual components or smaller assemblies such as:

Cylinder block
Cylinder head
Water pump
Oil pump
Con rod
Timing gears

We understand that sometimes our customers need a ‘stop the shop’ approach in order to achieve a very short leadtime for procuring a particular component. Well…we’re used to that as it’s a common requirement in the racing industry. Our in house design and machining capability coupled with our extensive material and heat treatment knowledge allows us to produce some remarkably complex parts in a very short period of time. If we can’t make the part in-house we will be able to source it from our extensive supplier network, managing the process for you.