2011 LMP2 Engine Announcement

Engine Developments (ED) is delighted to announce its continued participation in LMP2 in 2011 and beyond with the launch of its new engine for the category.

With the revised regulations for 2011 stipulating that LMP2 engines must be based on series production  engines, ED carried out an extensive evaluation of the many  potential powerplants available to determine the best possible base engine from which to develop a competitive, reliable and compact race engine.

As a result of this research and in order to comply with the ACO’s homologation requirements the new engine will be based on a BMW 4,0  litre V8 engine. This engine has many distinct advantages over other available engines such as its low weight and high specific power output in road going form. These advantages combined with ED’s extensive knowledge of road car engine development from its GT racing programs proved decisive in the choice of base engine.

“We have no doubt that this is the best engine choice we could have made for LMP2, having studied many possible candidates”, says John Judd, Managing Director of ED. “The engine is light and has many clever design features for which the manufacturer  must be congratulated, and with our extensive endurance racing experience we believe it can be developed into a very successful engine.”

“Since this  is the first new engine we have developed since the untimely passing of our friend and colleague Hiro Kaneda we have decided to dedicate this engine to his memory and it will therefore be designated the “HK”.”

A significant part of the design process has  now been completed and dyno testing will commence in the near future. “We have designed many new parts  for the new engine, focusing on performance and ease of chassis installation with the  minimum amount of change from our current LMP2 engine. To that end, for example, the new engine can use the same gearbox bellhousing and has the  same lower front engine mountings as our current LMP2 engine. It can also easily be adapted to suit chassis that have previously had other engines installed. We strongly believe that in order to be  attractive to potential customers the engine installation and car conversion costs must be kept to a minimum.”

Engines will be available to customers from January 2011 on a lease-only basis within the prescribed ACO cost cap regulations. Details are available from ED at: stan@engdev.com, +44 (0)1788 541114.

2011 LMP2 Press Release (pdf)