Engine Developments Ltd design, develop and manufacture high performance racing engines and also supply engineering services on a consultancy basis.  A long established, successful, independent engineering company, we are one of the principal suppliers of race engine technology and support to the motorsport industry. Past and present customers include : Lotus, Honda, Yamaha, Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, and the Williams, Lotus, Tyrrell and Arrows F1 teams. We are well known for innovative design engineering and the ability to provide a cost effective service to our customers.

We offer the following services:

Engine design – Complete ‘clean sheet of paper’ design of high performance racing engines, components and assemblies.

Engine development – In house development of your engine. We will assess, test & analyse it then make a proposal to improve performance, fuel consumption and durability.

Engine rebuild – We rebuild our own design engines or those from other manufacturers.

Engine testing – We have 3 dynos equipped with dataloggers, catering for engines up to 800hp. Engines can be run manually or using pre-programmed automatic cycles for durability testing, for instance.

Manufacturing – We are one of the few companies able to produce complete engines or individual components on site & in low volumes.

Support – Our staff offer high quality in house or on site engineering support.

Consultancy – We provide engineering services on a consultancy basis to many different industries.

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